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7 Steps to a Perfect Packed Lunch

Summer vacation is winding down, fall is approaching and the kids are going back to school. It’s time to examine the art of packing the perfect lunch. While it is easy to rely on the school cafeteria for the kids and fast… Read More

5 Things to do NOW to slim down before the holidays

We are officially on the verge of holiday season…and with it a myriad of food temptations and weight gain traps. Don’t fret, if you act now there’s still time to tighten up before putting on your holiday finest. Do these 5 things… Read More

4 guilt-free pasta recipes


Pasta is bad for you but when you cook it properly it doesn’t mess with your weight loss and helps you stay healthy and fit. Try these delicious recipes!

Busted! 5 fitness myths

Learn 5 most popular myths and find out solutions to healthier fitness lifestyle and weight loss in the most effective way

Your Holiday Survival Strategy

Eating healthy and exercising is especially difficult when we are on vacation. Find out how to stay on track and improve your results

How to get beach-worthy abs?

Work out and have proper nutrition plan in order to get those flat and lean beach abs, you’ve always wanted.

Don’t Be The Victim Of Marketing!

I walked past an ice cream stand, realized that I had not eaten an ice cream in a long time and I deserved to reward myself for all of my hard work at the gym. I looked at the pictures and realized… Read More

5 Tips To Getting Fit

Most people already know how to eat and train right. The amount of information on the Internet is off scale and anyone has all the necessary information to do wonders with their bodies. So why do we continue to type new questions in the search engines and look for new answers?