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Tips To Stay Motivated!

Everyday I’m being asked questions like: „How do I stay motivated?“, „How do I push myself to workout?“

I really believe that great things are achieved by combined effort of enthusiastic people and also great things also take time.

Successful businessmen say that if your goals don’t scare you then they are not ambitious enough. Being brave enough to work on your dream body and change your lifestyle deserves a lot of admiration and requires support as well.

It‘s a proved fact that overweight person most likely has overweight friends and visa versa. We attract people who we feel comfortable around, even without realizing it we strive to stay in our comfort zone by any means.

Becoming more fit, eating healthier is not something we do for a month as a way of punishing ourselves for being too relaxed and then go back to the routine we had before.

Being fit and healthy means changing your lifestyle, changing your daily choices, your routine because what you have been doing so far obviously didn’t work for you, that’s why you are here. When you start experimenting with your new routine and try to implement healthier ways into your day its very important to eliminate the distraction. Invite your family and friends to have some fun together, clean up the fridge, change your favorite cafe to something greener, go sign up to gym together. If they don’t join you, ask them to be supportive, explain that you are having a hard enough time and you have to do this for yourself, they can help you immensely with their support and understanding.

Secondly remember that good things take time and you are not going to workout once and wake up in the morning completely different person. If you expect too much too soon you will get discouraged very fast and start feeling very bad about yourself. You need a plan and you need a tracking system. Everything else will come with time and determination. That’s a guarantee.

Set yourself a goal of what you ideally want to look like, don’t be afraid to dream too big. Get a nice big cup of coffee, go on the Internet and take your time browsing through pictures of people who inspire you, someone you really want to look like. Maybe even different people for different body parts, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to have someone‘s abs and some other persons arms. You get to be the best version of yourself, you will build yourself up the way you want.


Once you’ve decided where you‘re going, you need to make sure that you are moving towards it. Get a notebook or create a file and write down your measurements weekly. If you need a user friendly template, drop me a line and i will send it to you. With measuring tape, take measurements of all of your body parts you are working on. Scale will lie to you because it doesn’t see a difference between water weight, muscle weight or fat weight but measure tape will show exactly what you’ve worked for. If you don’t see any progress after a week it means that something is off in your workout or nutrition plan, possibly both.

Get new friends, people around us are surprisingly nice when we get out of our shell and start engaging them. Most of people are waiting for someone else to start a conversation even though they are dying to start talking themselves. Make friends in gym, make friends in classes, coffee shops. Working out together is so much more fun. It helps you stay focused, be organized, work harder, gives you emotional support you need. You progress together, you motivate each other just by seeing another person sweat in front of you. You can start challenges, there’s not going to be a danger that are already attacking a doughnut as soon as your friend turns their back because you need to show off those results and it makes you super proud of yourself.

The most important thing is to befriend your mirror and be honest with yourself. You can’t relax and kick back as soon as you start seeing some results because you’ve worked hard for them to happen and you will roll back as soon as you relax. Continue pushing until you see the reflection you’ve always wanted. Do not settle, don’t listen to anybody. There‘s no such thing as good enough and people who didn’t have the character to do something about their flaws will always try to bring you down. This is not who we are! We are healthy, we look like we want to and we are happy. We enjoy the process, we love ourselves. We may not be perfect at the moment but we are in progress and we will get there at our own pace. The only thing you can’t find anywhere if you don’t already have it is determination, everything else is easy to get. So if you are determined to be the best you can be no one can stop you.

Enjoy your new life, new possibilities, new people you meet. Getting shaped up is not a torture or a punishment. This life allows us to have fun with it, experiment, try new things, travel and really enjoy everything life has to offer outside of the box.

I believe in you! If you need some support I encourage you to share your before picture and we will follow your progress and challenge you!




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