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Things To Eat At Work


We spend most of our day at work and then we go to sleep. Few hours that’s left of our day we spend eating or being lazy after work.

That’s why it is so important for us to realize that even though we’re being productive at work and we deserve a medal for just being there, it’s not gonna keep us fit.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gained weight within 3 months after they started working at the office.

It happens because we’re barely moving (a walk to the cooler doesn’t count), blood isn’t running properly, we forget to stay hydrated, we work hard and we feel like we have to reward ourselves with a chocolate bar or a cappuccino. Even the strongest ones have troubles standing up to their colleagues who are constantly munching something at their desk and inviting you to order a pizza with them. You really want that pizza but even if you resist, there’s always the fear of being seen as not a team player.

So what do we do?

First of all we have to stop feeling captured and realize that we are doing it for ourselves. Remember, people only see the results. Excuses only make sense in your head. Nobody is disabling your willpower and 4 walls of your office aren’t trapping you. Everything you do each time and every second is going to effect your body. That’s why we need to eliminate demotivation factor.

Don’t be afraid of being judged, come out and tell your colleagues that you’re on a healthy strike. You might get some chuckles from the lazy ones who couldn’t be bothered but you will also notice the raising respect. Some people will support you better if they think you have a challenge, some people will relate easier if they think it’s a health matter. I told my colleagues that I conduct an experiment on my body that includes right food and right workout. Whenever someone would attempt to bring me down I’d tell them: just wait and see.

Eventually people will become more understanding and stop distracting you from your path. As a bonus you will get a real public commitment because you will want to save your face and won’t allow yourself to slack with so many eyes watching you.

Second thing we do is we through away all of the snacks. Even the healthy ones. Because when you constantly have some little treats close to your unconscious hands you have no idea how much you’re consuming, you’re not enjoying it and you will always feel bloated. Another good idea would be to cut down on your sugar in drinks and milk in your coffee. If you absolutely must have it, switch to low fat milk, almond milk and stevia sugar instead.

Now we start actually cooking🙂 There are plenty of good healthy recipes that won’t take you long to cook. Commit to high fiber, high protein. Guys can take more carbs, for girls I suggest good fats instead of carbs. Cook some good food that you actually enjoy, put it in a couple of containers and eat it during the day when you start feeling hungry (not bored), in portions that will satisfy you. You’ll feel the taste of food, you will enjoy your break and your body will be entirely grateful to you.

The last one isn’t going to surprise anyone: we have to work out. Even in the office. Let’s say you work out properly 3-4 times a week but during the office hours it’s important to get your blood flowing and your muscles toned. Stretching is a must, flex you back and shoulders on your way to the coffee machine, there are some exercises you can easily do at work. You can drop us a line, explain the nature of your work and our coaches will be more than happy to suggest the best options for you!

Remember that your body doesn’t become immune to all the terrible things you’re doing to it just because you’re at work, lifestyle doesn’t end behind the office door.