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How To Train With Breast Implants

Lately more and more girls are undergoing breast augmentation surgery and large numbers of absolutely unexpected questions come up during the rehabilitation period.

What to eat? How to train? What to wear? Things to avoid?

When I started my research on this issue I was sure that the Internet would tell me all I need to know right away. However to my great surprise I did not find that much of well-presented information on bringing quality into your rehabilitation process after the surgery.

The thing is that your surgeon’s main concern is to perform the surgery well and send you home without complications. Your gym trainer wants for you to be satisfied with his work so most likely he will ask how you would like to train, make a plan for you and recommend listening to your body. In addition there’s a common belief formed in society that girls consist only of breasts and buns and therefore it is necessary to work out only the lower part of the body as if the rest of the body shouldn’t be developed. I was especially enraged by an interview with a doctor from a scientific institute who bluntly said that women should not be particularly worried about training, because they are not a man, which means they shouldn’t be working out their chest at all.

Let me immediately explain my attitude towards these stereotypes, just for you to understand what I will focus on in here. This article does not apply to professional bodybuilder ladies. It does not apply to girls who are engaged only in cardio or yoga. My article is written to help girls who like to pump up their muscles, stay toned and worry about how surgery might affect their shape and quality of the training.

I think that we should start from the very beginning, from the things that your surgeon probably forgot to tell you, because his purpose is slightly different.

1. No matter what type of implantation you choose, it makes sense to stop doing isolated exercises and even better to stop working out your chest completely at least 4-6 months before surgery. Toned muscle will stimulate additional pain sensation after surgery, especially if the implant is placed under the muscle.

2. It would be a good idea to reduce the amount of salt in your everyday nutrition before and after surgery for the entire recovery period in order to avoid unnecessary swelling.

3. Plan ahead what you will wear during your recovery period. You will need compression, preferably seamless underwear with wide straps. I also advise you to continue wearing it after recovery as well as avoiding wired bras and push-ups at least for the first year until the tissue is completely healed around your implants.

After having spent a lot of time walking around specialized stores, I noticed that almost all of the sportswear is designed for sizes not bigger than C. There’s a huge number of super tight sport bras, tops with low level of support, thin straps and deep cleavage. It’s great for a beautiful photo shoot but for our training we better wear 2 compression tops.

Here are some examples of what we should favor for our workouts:


Now let’s talk about our workout. Personally, I think that it looks very strange when a girl has nice butt and abs, but there is absolutely no tonus in rest of her body. Thus, chest looks sad and that buff right next to the armpits really gets in your way when selecting clothes. Therefore from my point of view girls need to work out their whole body including the chest.

First I’ll tell you about the implants placed under the muscle. The time of rehabilitation after this surgery is rather long and doctors do not advise to train at all for at least half a year, better even for 7-8 months. When you begin to train remember that your muscles are now responsible for the location of your breasts. Forget the weights you used to work with before the surgery, do not give in to the temptation of impressing everyone, because surprise may turn out to be unpleasant, you don’t want for your implants to start moving. Work with small weights, avoid isolated exercises. Eliminate from your training all extensions, bench presses, graviton, pull-ups as well as the plank. Pumped up muscle with the implant will not look aesthetically nice and if you don’t get the weight right you risk shifting your implant under your armpit or even to your side. Any exercises that you will do for your shoulders and back will indirectly engage muscles of your chest. Those exercises will be enough to maintain the tonus and secure implant from shifting anywhere undesirable.

Exercises to avoid:




Now let’s talk about implants placed over the muscle. The rehabilitation time in this case is much shorter, on average 4-5 months. However in this case it’s also beneficial to start working out gradually and do not forget that your body has changed. If you really want to flex your chest a little more you can work on the upper section of your chest. Start with light weights, you should be able to feel your muscles and try not to overwork your them. This is perhaps the only exercise that I can call relatively harmless and efficient at the same time.

Here are some exercises you can perform carefully while listening to your body. You should have absolutely no discomfort in your muscles. Reduce the weight to minimum:



The main 3 suggestions that I can make after all of the information I studied are:

1. Work out your back, especially if you are a slim girl and have just significantly increased your breast size.

2. Do not rush to get in shape, possible consequences are not worth it. Feel your body and do not let yourself lose focus.

3. Choose your clothes very carefully.

Lastly please remember that now you look absolutely beautiful and renewed so lets work smartly on improving the result even more. Please ask your coach if you have any questions or difficulties. Its better to do things the right way from the beginning rather than go and fix the damage afterwards.

We are always here for you in you have any thing to ask!