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Travel Healthy

Each time you travel you inevitably face the question of what to eat and how not to turn it into a treat day.

Waking up, finishing packing, ride to the airport, wait for boarding, rush and of course the flight itself brings you lots of stress and temptation. You don‘t have enough time to eat a decent breakfast, you’ve been running all day long so you feel like you deserved to eat that sandwich or a doughnut. I mean you have to eat after all, right?

Of course its tricky because you are in fact on the run but it doesn’t mean that you should stress your body with bad food even more than it‘s already suffering. Airplane air dries out your skin in minutes, dirt around the airport is sticking to your face. Do you really want to put that toast in your stomach when you don‘t even know what it‘s made of, when and how?

I know that people are eating anywhere you look and food at the airport seems somehow more special just because it‘s there but you have to remember that you are not obligated to eat as much as you can only because you are on the go. You know that any quick fix for a meal will just slow down your hard earned results, make you feel bloated and full of regrets. You‘re buying regrets with you own money!

So what can we do to stay strong and resist all of the temptations around us?

First of all we have to plan the day of our travel. Make sure you have enough time before your flight, plan at least half an hour to eat something proper before your trip. Have some solid carbs, make sure you are satisfied with your meal.

Plan in advance what food you are going to take with you. Pack a couple of fruits, make a healthy sandwich with lots of proteins, something sweet and healthy if you know you‘ll crave sugar (banana, fitness bar, dryed fruits or even some dark chocolate)

Pack anything that airport security isn‘t going to throw away.

Wine and spirits on board seem very tempting but if you must have that complimentary drink, please remember to stay properly hydrated. Remember to drink water any chance you get otherwise the stress of traveling will show directly on your face and it will take you days to recover after your trip.

Of course nobody wants to travel with boxes of food so another tip is to

pre-order your in flight food. Most of airline companies have an option to select your meals online before the flight. Depending on the airline you can get a vegetarian, low calorie, hindu, kosher, fruit platter, gluten free and many many more different and DELICIOUS meals. I have been traveling a lot and I always experiment with my meals. Trust me, you will feel SO much better when you‘ll be eating your delicious grilled chicken breast with perfectly steamed rise and fruit salad for desert while your neighbor is choking on that greasy over boiled pasta with onion sauce and prepacked desert made out of

something very suspicious. Special meals proved themselves to be of better quality, healthier, and cooked fresh.

If you need to eat at the airport I encourage you to look for a proper place with an actual menu and some professional integrity. You will be able to select what you want to eat and they will cook it the way you deserve to be served. There are multiple apps available to help you plan your time at the airport without running around and searching for a cafe that used to be there but just isn‘t anymore.

Remember that there isn’t anything more permanent than temporary and your lifestyle doesn’t change when you travel, especially if you travel a lot. Take care of your body wherever you are and you will see it paying you back generously.




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