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Don’t Be The Victim Of Marketing!

I walked past an ice cream stand, realized that I had not eaten an ice cream in a long time and I deserved to reward myself for all of my hard work at the gym. I looked at the pictures and realized that this ice cream looks more like painted sugar without any single natural ingredient in it so needless to say I was less than impressed. That’s when I started thinking. I do not really want an ice cream at all! I already had breakfast and was on my way to brunch with my friends, where I can eat anything I want. Why, after looking at an ice cream stand I got a desire to buy something?

I have not watched TV for a long time but childhood memories and the Internet clearly had painted a picture in my mind of a happy person holding an ice cream. Or a cake. Or a soda. Really, what do we see in movies? You broke up with your lover and you go pour yourself some alcohol or eat a ton of sweets to make your break up seem completely insignificant compared to stomach ache and hangover..

I can count on my fingers all the movies where people decided somehow that it is necessary to work on themselves and went for a run, started to learn a new language or did something else useful for themselves and their personal growth.

Supposedly certain products and actions help with our mood and give us some verification of our social status. That’s why we form an unconscious association with them: I need to buy this Porsche, because it’s cool and I like it. Real unconscious motivation here would be: I saw someone else enjoy it; I decided that I want to be like that person and therefore I need their attributes of success.

I’m sad and I’m going to eat something. I am happy but I will go and eat the same thing, because without it my happiness will be incomplete.

It is very difficult to notice it when we are going to do something, yielding to unconscious stereotypes but we have to do it otherwise, we risk getting into a situation where we do not control our lives, finances and souls.

I thought for a long time about how to determine that we are going to do something against our will and came to a conclusion that the best way is a dialogue with ourselves. In relationships between people it is very important to communicate and talk but we completely forgot how important it is to establish contact between our own body and consciousness.

If you watch your health then you roughly imagine what your daily nutrition plan looks like and you have a rough idea of what you will eat and when. If you get a spontaneous idea that it would be nice to eat something unplanned, try to estimate how this will affect your daily balance.

A good question is: why do I want this?

We all have days when we really want something. I can crave a burger for 2 weeks, until I finally get it. It’s unforgivable not to spoil yourself a little bit every now and then. However if you notice that “spoiling” becomes a habit, you do it out of feeling sorry for yourself and you eat bad things because you’re in a bad mood or you feel like you have worked out too much at gym and need a reward, it is better to find a real way to cheer yourself up and reduce the intensity of gym workout. Unhealthy attitude towards food in addition to extra calories, will also give you hidden health problems that will accumulate. The only thing you have to change is how you look at it. It’s not a reward, it’s actually a punishment for your body and an extra work for it.

When you suddenly want to buy something, think do you really want to eat it and keep it in your body for the next day? Or do you just want to buy it because it looks good?

Another good way to come on terms with yourself would be a quick reflection on what is it really you’re going to it? Thus, an appetizing hot dog may turn out to be an encyclopedia of preservatives and a mix of animal bones fried in old rancid oil. Muffin is completely plastic and even a beautiful jar of diet coffee ‘without added sugar’ is stuffed with sweeteners, carbohydrates and fats.

If you really really want something, go to the place where it is cooked properly. Good burger with quality meat, a proven bakery where all the buns are baked and eaten in one day and not mummified for 2 years ahead. Food will be much tastier and more useful.

I decided that if I really want some pastry, I’ll bake it myself at home and I always know what I put in it.

Love your body, take care of your health and do not sacrifice the effort you spend on staying in shape just to have something in your mouth for 2 minutes!

Your in health,



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