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Forget About Your Diet!

Most beauty magazines and even

respectful fitness editions convince you that you need to diet. Indeed, it’s easy to believe beautiful fitness models in the picture, that it’s enough to torture yourself with a diet for a month and you will get your desired body.

What magazines and pharmaceutical companies, who offer you a magic fat burning pill don’t tell you is that no diet will work if you look at it as a temporary torture on the way to an ideal body.

This has already been written and said a lot, but the fact remains, so the sooner you understand this, the faster you will achieve the desired result.

Forget about the word diet! Just remove it from your vocabulary completely! Healthy, beautiful and smart people do not diet – they live a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs a well-balanced diet, amino acids and vitamins every day. We should adjust the amount of consumed carbohydrates, fats and proteins depending on our goals, but the second you start starving yourself or severely cutting down on nutrients, your body will decide that you went nuts, and will start to accumulate fat to protect you from the crisis.

People who go on strict diets claim that they work, i.e. these people lose weight. But! Most of them are not able to tell which weight they are losing., do they burn muscle or fat? Muscles and water are the first to leave us on such unnatural diets. When your body does not get enough protein to maintain muscle mass, it considers muscles to be an unnecessary load, which needs to be thrown off first. Your body will always protect you and store more fat just in case its crazy owner decides to starve again. This is the reason we gain additional weight after the diet.

Now let’s make it work. As soon as you get your first desire to lose weight you need to clearly indicate your goals and execute them scientifically. Most people think that if they work very hard on the result, they will get there. But the simple truth is that you will get where you’re going much easier and faster if you do it smart rather than hard.

The first rule I have tested by myself and many of my clients is that we should enjoy what we do. We do not go on a diet, we learn to listen and understand our body, give it what it needs and protect it from what harms it. We change our daily habits and improve the quality of our life in general. Therefore, it is important to develop an individual nutrition program, respecting your condition, your health, needs and of course it has to be delicious and exciting!

Internet is full of self-taught people who want to look smart and professionals who’s in it for money and for money only. That’s why it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of controversial information. Don’t let your enthusiasm harm you and contact your coach if you can honestly admit that you do not have enough knowledge to put together a good meal plan. Believe me, this will save your time, health, money and significantly speed up the result.

We do not lose weight for just one week, we start living a healthy and joyful life every day, we enjoy our reflection in the mirror every day and we feel great every day as well!

Remember, we are always here to help you and answer any of your questions!

Your in health,



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