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Top 5 Tricks To Lose Weight Fast

Lots of people want to know how to lose weight quickly. It especially concerns those who isn’t used to working out and who’d let themselves go way too much. Why is that?

I decided to find out what Youtube fitness celebrities have to say about this and I was horrified. I searched “how to lose weight …” and here are the suggestions I got:

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, easily and no one wants to do anything for it. As if there was some kind of a magic pill or a 5 minute super workout that would immediately burn all of your fat.

I’m very sorry to disappoint you, but if you come across such miracle, it will be no more than a deception. In order to achieve something, you need to stop being lazy and actually work for it.

Before you begin to starve and torture yourself with exercises, let’s sit down and calmly think about why you need it.

1. Find your “Why”.

It is very important to find your personal “Why”. Without it, your motivation will not last long.

Have you decided to take care of yourself because of your health? Shape up for a special occasion? Or maybe you just want to walk along the beach with your head held high and a huge smile?

Whatever it is, you must clearly understand what you are aiming for and be well aware of how your life will change when you get there. Visualize the situation where you have already achieved what you want. How are you feeling? What did you have to give up for this? How did your life change?

2. Set the time frame.

Ask a professional coach to help you. You must adequately assess your shape and possibilities of your body. Do not set up unrealistic deadlines, even if you are ready to work very hard to get results. You do not want to torture yourself, you want to create the most comfortable conditions for your body to get rid of extra weight in the most natural smooth way. Losing 2 pounds per week is absolutely realistic and will not make you feel like you are denying yourself of something or starving.

3. Monitor the result.

Track your results, write them down. Don’t use your scale every day – it’ll only demotivate you. Checking your weight every week as well as taking other measurements is necessary to monitor your progress. It’s not enough to simply give up your fast food and processed food. You can consume more calories than you burn even by eating only chicken and rice. In order to lose weight, we need to create a caloric deficit. You need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Weekly measurements will allow you to determine the optimal amount of calories that you should consume. When losing weight, I advise you to weigh yourself empty stomach, measure your waist, hips and thighs. Order yourself some cute scale, get a nice notebook to make the measurements more pleasant.

4. Give preference to interval training.

Visceral fat is the hardest to burn. Our body is always looking for simpler ways to supply energy. First your body tries to burn muscles and only then it begins to burn fat. It is proven that active fat burning starts in the pulse range between 120 to 150 beats per minute, it is in this zone that we strive to do our cardio. However, hormones released during the workout are very important for fat burning. While maintaining high pace constantly, we enter the state of catabolism and our body begins to burn muscles instead of fat because it supplies faster energy. Therefore, according to the research, the best way to burn fat is with interval training where your body has to take energy from burning fat.

5. Keep a nutrition diary.

It is important for us to create a caloric deficit but it does not mean that you can eat 1,500 calories of french fries. Choose food high on protein and fiber. Give up pastry and soda Believe me, it is not as tragic as it seems. As soon as you start keeping record of your food and realize how many calories you consume completely unconsciously with snacks and “pampering yourself” with all sorts of yummies, you instantly change the way you look at them and they will seem to you as a waste of money and just simply useless.

How can I drink a glass of water to make my stomach think I ate and stop harassing me? How can I eat one spoon of ice cream and be satisfied if my soul demands a cup? I have always considered these deceptions for the brain to be completely stupid. Satisfaction will not come. However, you really can replace white bread with whole grain, as well as pasta and cereal. They taste even better; personally I like them even more. Instead of white flour in your pancakes, use coconut, flax seed, almond or oat flour. Try it, it’s incredibly delicious! Stop frying your food. Use steam cooker, multicooker. You will still get your fats from dairy products, meat, eggs and nuts. Do not limit yourself to pizza and burgers! There is so much various, delicious and interesting food in the world and it is so exciting to cook it!

Most importantly remember that your body is your business card. It reflects everything you do every day. You need to take care of your body every day if you want to be proud of yourself and receive compliments. Your body will become your best motivation when it will reflect your hard work!

Your in health,



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